Technology Change

Technology Refresh

Changing any type of technology is a challenge. Just think when you last changed your mobile phone; so many choices, so many manufacturers, so many decisions and so much advice, good or bad. Questions seem endless…

  • Do we need VOIP?
  • Should we be considering CLOUD?
  • Do we need on-premise equipment?
  • How much bandwidth do we need?
  • How can we support home users?
  • Do we support BOYD (Bring your Own Device)?
  • Is our network secure enough?

With many more questions to be answered, VDNS are here to provide an impartial view of the technology that is currently available and guide you in making informed decisions for the future that are not biased to one type of solution or technology. VDNS will help streamline the process and the choices by providing independent advice to make changing technology as easy as? Early engagement is the key to ensure a successful and timely deployment that has little or no impact or downtime to your business.